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AbiliTech Solutions Inc. providesour clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions to their ergonomic challenges.  Our services are individually customized to meet the needs of your company and workforce in order to provide the maximum benefit.  Our trained consultants can provide a variety of different ergonomic assessments to meet your needs.

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Industrial Ergonomic Assessments
Industrial assessements.

Industrial Ergonomic Assessments

The goal of an industrial ergonomic evaluation is to identify ergonomic risk factors and determine the most effective strategy for controlling or eliminating the potentially harmful effects of force, repetition, awkward postures, static positions, contact stress, vibration and cold/hot temperatures.

The implementation of effective ergonomic solutions has been shown to result in a significant reduction in work related musculoskeletal disorders, lost work days, and discomfort reported by employees.
The AbiliTech approach consists of:

  1.   Detailed onsite assessment of the job and related physical demands
  2.   Identification of any potential risk factors within the job
  3.   Development of solutions to the ergonomic risk factors
  4.   Implementation and follow-up of the ergonomic solutions
Office Ergonomic Assessments
Office Assessements.

Office Ergonomic Assessment

Though the office setting may not appear to be as physically demanding as many manufacturing facilities, ergonomic risk factors related to static postures or repetitive forces still exist.  Unfortunately, these risks factors often result in injuries and lost-time to valuable employees.  The identification and elimination of these risks factors is the best method to ensure a healthy and productive workforce. 

As with Industrial Assessments, Office Ergonomic Assessments consist of a detailed onsite examination of the office workstation and the physical demands associated with the job.  Our ergonomic consultants will then identify and eliminate the potential risk factors within the workstation in order to facilitate a healthier work environment.  If necessary, specific recommendations for ergonomic products can also be provided to ensure that employees remain healthy and productive in the workplace.

Physical Demand Analysis (PDA)
Solutions for returning to work.

Physical Demand Analysis (PDA)

The Physical Demands Analysis is a quantitative examination of the physical demands associated with the essential duties of a specific job.  Since a job frequently involves multiple tasks, the PDA systematically incorporates the frequency and forces required to complete each task, and gives a balanced and overall assessment of all physical stresses experienced by an individual while doing the job.   
The PDA can be used for multiple purposes including:

  • Identifying appropriate and safe job tasks that can be performed by an injured employee
  • Identifying accommodations/modified job duties for employees with medical restrictions
  • As a risk assessment tool to identify any potential ergonomic risk factors that may exist in a job or with a particular task
  • As a tool to assist with a return to work program following an injury, or as a reference tool to be utilized by WSIB/health professionals

Post-Offer Screening
Post -Offer screening assessments.

Post-Offer Screening

Screening prospective employees for their suitability to work is a preventative tool that may assist to combat the rising cost of work related injuries.  Performing job-specific functional assessments on an individual in order to determine their physical capacity for work will identify any potential functional deficiencies or risk factors that may predispose an individual to a work related injury.

A post-offer employment screen is designed to determine if there is a match between an individual’s functional capabilities and the essential demands of a job.  A Physical Demands Analysis is mandatory for the completion of post-offer screening in order to accurately simulate the specific job demands during the test.  The testing protocol is then tailored to the essential duties of the job position.
Benefits of the post-offer employment screening include:

  •  The prevention of unnecessary injuries with a new employee
  •  A decrease in job turnover
  •  A decrease in work-related injury costs
  •  A decrease in job absenteeism

Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAE's)
Post-Offer screening assistance.

Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAE's)

Functional Abilities Evaluations are a systematic and proven method of measuring an individual’s capacity and tolerances for meeting the demands of a job.  We utilize a unique approach in that we conduct a full day assessment in order to accurately assess the individual’s ability to perform work on a full-time basis. 

The FAE assessment includes an examination of the employee’s range of motion, functional lifting limits, and their ability to perform and sustain common working postures, such as squatting or stooping.  As with all our assessments, the FAE can be customized to meet the requirements of your company by including a simulation of job tasks that the employee will likely be expected to perform.

Health and Safety Consultation
Consultation for Health & Safety

Health and Safety Consultation

Though ergonomics may be broad in scope, it does not cover all aspects of workplace and employee safety.  Areas such as Personal Protective Equipment, IndustrialHygiene and Fire Safety/Protocols present their own challenges and risk factors to your workforce.  AbiliTech Solutions can offer Health &SafetyConsultations to our clients.  We can assist with the identification of potential safety devices and equipment, or with the preparation of policies and procedures to address potential Health and Safety concerns. 

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