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AbiliTech Solutions Inc. provides our clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions to ergonomic issues. Below are examples of some of our solutions for various clients.

Ergonomic Challenge-Developing a Workstation for a Disabled Worker
Location: Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo, Ontario

Case Study - Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo, Ontario

The worker, who was employed by a government agency in Cambridge, was attempting to return to work after having had surgery and radiation to the pelvis which permanently restricted the worker’s ability to sit, stand, or walk for extended periods of time. The job position required considerable time to be spent at an office computer workstation.

A cost-effective, ergonomically correct sit/stand work station was devised with height adjustable seating, keyboard, and computer monitor to allow for multiple work postures.  In conjunction with a local chair manufacturer, the cushioning of the seatpan on the task chair was modified by cutting out sections of the foam and also adding foam to the necessary areas of the chair in order to provide optimal support. A routine was devised to have the worker periodically change position and take rest breaks. The worker made a successful return to work.

Ergonomic Challenge-Manual Lifting of Heavy Test Equipment
Location: Toronto/ Mississauga, Ontario

Case Study - Toronto/ Mississauga, Ontario

Our client in Mississauga reported a potential ergonomic concern with a manual lifting task performed by their employees.  Prior to shipment, all products constructed on the client’s operations floor underwent functional testing.  The Test Operators responsible for this task were required to manually lift and carry heavy test equipment weighing 40-60lbs in order to complete this test. 

An ergonomic assessment was completed for this task, and it was determined that the employees were at an elevated risk of injury when performing this lift.  Using materials located in-house, a custom cart and storage shelf was designed and fabricated to transport the test equipment around the operations floor.  This cost-effective solution eliminated all manual lifting and the ergonomic risks associated with this task. 

Ergonomic Challenge-Awkward Postures & Manipulation of Heavy Hand Tools
Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Case Study - Hamilton, Ontario

Our client in Hamilton requested an ergonomic assessment following an injury to an employee performing maintenance work on production equipment. The task required the Operator to reach across a large motor with a hand tool weighing 12lbs in order to remove specific components. The motor was located on a platform that was only large enough to allow access to the motor on one side.

The ergonomic assessment revealed that the Operators were at an elevated risk of injury when performing this task. Though the client was prepared to invest significant funds in a system to suspend tooling above the motor, it was determined that the ergonomic risk factors could be eliminated by simply providing better access for the Operators around the motor. The platform was extended around the motor, eliminating the awkward postures when manipulating the heavy hand tools, and reducing the overall ergonomic risk.

Ergonomic Challenge-Musculoskeletal Disorders due to Repetitive Strain
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Case Study - Toronto, Ontario

Our client in Toronto requested an ergonomic assessment following several reports of discomfort associated with a specific production task. The production task was very repetitive in nature, and the employees were observed to complete the process using awkward wrist, shoulder and back postures. It was observed that these postures were not necessary to complete the task, but were simply performed out of habit.

A custom ergonomic training program was delivered to the employees outlining a new method to perform the task that eliminated the awkward postures that were observed. In addition, a job rotation was established to reduce the repetition associated with the task. This was a cost-effective solution to the ergonomic hazards identified by the assessment.

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Ergonomic Case Studies

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